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A Cuppa with Events500

We sat down for a chat and a cuppa with Michelle from reservation and event management software company Events500.  Events500’s goal is to streamline the booking process for client ease, greater staff productivity, information access and accuracy. We discussed how we work together, what they love about working in the events industry and what they think the next big trend in reservation technology.

You have 100 words to describe your role, go…

“I’m Michelle, the Sales Manager for Events500. I oversee the initial contact with venue teams, conduct the demonstrations and sales negotiation all the way through to completing the sale. I then hand over to our project managers who build the venue’s database, conduct training and offer ongoing support, but I’m always contactable following the sale if a venue needs me.”

Describe how you support Horizon Leeds?

“We’re on hand via phone or e-mail to answer questions about Events500 reservation software; troubleshoot any issues and scoping any new Events500 features which might benefit Horizon Leeds to ensure the reservations process is smooth, accurate and timely.”

A cuppa with Events500 | Horizon Leeds | booking technology
What do you love the most about working in the events industry?

“The people! It’s always a pleasure speaking to the staff at venues as they’re always upbeat, bubbly, and friendly. It’s especially pleasing working with venues over the course of several years (like Horizon Leeds!) and getting to know the team.”

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

“Events500 is a feature rich, browser-based system, which is easy to use and is evolving all the time to stay ahead of our competition. An example of this is the online contract signing aspect, which venues have found extremely useful now that some bookers are not always office based and don’t have the facility to print, sign and scan. However; I honestly believe it’s our personal approach and the quality of our ongoing support that sets us apart from our competitors. It’s great to know that we can call on any one of our venues to be a reference for a potential new customer, as you really can’t beat a recommendation from someone with first-hand experience of using Events500.”

What do you think is the next big trend in reservation platforms

“I discussed this with our Operations Director, Louise Pritchard, and we’d say the option to mix and match when it comes to the booking channel, i.e., request for proposal (RFP) vs direct vs instant online bookings. Added value looks different depending on the customer needs – for someone who knows what they want and when they want it, being able to book online gives them an easy and convenient route to do that. For customers with more complex events, the venue add value by interpreting the customer brief and producing personalised quotes and recommendations. Events500 has its own Online Bookings platform, but we also integrate in two ways with Venuedirectory.com; with their Instant Book system and the Gratis system via the EnCloud which allows venues to respond to RFP’s directly from Events500.”

What’s your favourite Events500 tool?

“The speed of taking and responding to an Enquiry. It’s much easier and quicker than the competitor systems we’ve seen and is generally much easier to use. But whilst it’s not a tool, the best thing from a sales perspective is that if you asked any of our venues that question, there would be many different answers, a testament to how flexible Events500 is for venues of all different types and sizes.”

If you didn’t work for Events500 what would you do?

“That’s a tricky one as I’ve been working with Events500 now for nearly nine years, so it’s difficult to imagine doing anything else! Perhaps something to do with food as I love cooking and learning about food in general.”

Here at Horizon Leeds we are passionate about leaving a sustainable legacy, what are you doing as a company to support sustainability?

“As a team we all work remotely, so we use only the energy to heat and power our homes rather than office space. This also means none of us commute and we conduct demonstrations and training online wherever possible, which again saves on emissions but also means staff and the venue can be more flexible timewise. Where face-to-face meetings are preferred we are happy to accommodate of course!

“Events500 is now browser-based. This means that staff in any department at a venue can be given access to the required information on any device with a web browser, allowing them to see the most up to date live booking information, rather than having to rely on printed copies of function sheets. This combined with allowing bookers to view documents and sign contracts online, Events500 helps to save a mountain of paper. We did a quick calculation and for a mid-sized venue hosting 20 events per week where each function sheet is on average 2 pages long, we estimate paper usage of around 25,000 sheets of paper per year. That’s a total worth reducing!”*

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*Read how Events500 can helps us and others achieve better sustainability goals.

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