Day in the life of a Venue Sales Manager

Hello, my name is Jade Miller, and I am the Venue Sales Manager at Horizon Leeds.

Firstly, I’ll say no two days are the same when you’re a Venue Sales Manager!

My days are planned dependent on the needs of the venue, and how the diary looks, as it’s my job to make sure it’s full!

In most cases, I am considered the ‘first port of call’ when it comes to booking with Horizon Leeds.

This could be having met prospective new clients at events or exhibitions, me reaching out to businesses to let them know we are here and looking for new clients to work with, or just that I am the person who receives the email enquiry in our inbox!

So, what do my days usually look like?

The part of my day which never changes is the morning routine, which starts by being woken by my lovely daughter to say it’s time to start the day and that it’s breakfast time.

From there, it is my mission to get her out of the door and to school so that I can head to the venue or return home to work.

If I am travelling to the venue to work as we have events in, or there are prospective clients to show around, I’ll start my journey down the M62 to get to our fantastic venue.

Working from home or the office, the first thing I do is turn the kettle on.  My day doesn’t start until I’ve had my first cuppa.

From there I start answering emails and start my tasks. As I work part-time, my inbox is usually quite full when I log on.

I will then check how the venue looks over the coming months and identify any areas where we are looking a little quieter than expected, and then I’ll create a plan to see how we can improve upon that and speak to the lovely marketing team to see where they can support, too.

My role is not one which can be done single-handedly, so I work very closely with the different roles we have at Horizon Leeds, which is vital to my working day.

The team at Horizon Leeds is only a small compact team, where we all work closely together. Daily, I liaise with the reservations and booking coordinator and the operations manager to ensure that we can make enquiries happen for our clients. When I am attending an external event such as a conference, exhibition, or networking event, I make sure I have everything I require and usually get on the road nice and early to ensure I am not rushing when I arrive at the event and can arrive in plenty of time to get set up or ready to network.

Once at the event, I will set up our stand or area to showcase the amazing venue and be ready to meet new clients and say hello to familiar faces.  Event days usually involve a lot of talking about how Horizon Leeds can help make clients’ events stand out from the others, answering questions about the venue, what we do, what we can offer, and who we are. There is no denying these days can be long days, but they are always fantastic days.

Meeting new clients and showing them around the venue for the first time is my absolute favourite part of the job. People are always in awe of how brilliant (and colourful) the venue is and can hear the excitement in their voices about the prospect of what their event will look like with us. Seeing them envision where things will go, and how their event will run, and helping them make this a reality is always very special and doesn’t necessarily feel like a job, but more like helping people to create an event to be proud of.  I always go home with a smile on my face after a show round, I love showing off the venue.

One thing that does remain constant throughout my role though is how lucky I feel to be part of such a wonderful team at Horizon Leeds and how thrilled I am to have a job that I love.

Are you looking for a meeting room for your next event? Then Horizon Leeds are here to help. Please get in touch at,  but just make sure it’s after I have had my morning cuppa!