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Meet Fired Up Technologies

We recently had a cuppa with Karen Rice, a member of the Business Development team from Fired Up Technologies. Helping to ensure we offer leading-edge interactive audio visual technology as part of all our events, we discuss how Fired Up Technologies and Horizon Leeds work together; what makes them different from other interactive technology companies, and what might be the next big trend within the tech industry.

You have 100 words to describe your role, go…

“The world is literally your oyster in business development at Fired Up Technologies. The company covers a broad spectrum of business models with their ever-evolving technology, including leisure and active, retail and hospitality, business and education, both in and out of the UK. My job is to seek out new opportunities in these markets and build our customer base. As much as new businesses is a focus in my role, I spend a lot of time analysing current and active businesses to see if we can enhance their existing models, keeping them ahead or in line with potential competitors.”

Describe how you support Horizon Leeds?

“Fired Up Technologies have built a trusted business relationship with Horizon Leeds that began back in 2017. We support Horizon Leeds with all their audio-visual technology requirements, ranging from interactive touch displays, digital signage systems, video, and conferencing facilities to HD laser projectors and more. Their desire for the highest quality equipment helps them create an award-winning business that delivers the highest quality results.”

What do you love the most about working in the tech industry?

“As the tech world evolves so quickly there is always something new to spark our imaginations. The ability to totally transform a space into to something unique is interesting and the pace at which interactive technology is progressing is mind-blowing.”

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

“Our comprehensive service is what distinguishes us! If you can imagine it; we will almost certainly be able to make it! Our client relationships are at the heart of everything we do from the very first interaction all the way through to the aftercare service. We pride ourselves on having a team of creative professionals who specialise in consultation, design, installation, and support.”

Why do you think potential clients should choose Horizon Leeds?

“Horizon Leeds offers a superior conference and training environment. With so many companies choosing to manage their teams on a remote basis, there has never been more demand for meeting and conferencing facilities. Horizon Leeds is equipped with innovative technology, offering their users a base to help collaborate, interact, and deliver any type of meeting. Coupled with their superb locally sourced catering, they offer vibrant and creative spaces full of natural daylight, making it the ideal solution for any business meeting requirements.”

What makes working with Horizon Leeds so easy?

“Fired Up Technologies relationship with Horizon Leeds has developed well over the past six years; they constantly strive to fill their spaces with the latest innovative technology, ensuring they have the best to offer their customers. We welcome their great ideas on how to push forward, which in turn allows our team to get inventive.”

How does Horizon Leeds make your job easier?

“Horizon Leeds and Fired Up Technologies both have very creative people in their teams, resulting in a great working partnership. They have a clear vision and make it easy for us to create and deliver the technology they require to make it happen.”

Here at Horizon Leeds, we are passionate about leaving a sustainable legacy, what are doing as a company to support sustainability?

“Careful consideration is given to the elimination and minimisation of waste at source and the recycling or reuse of materials where possible.”

What do you think is the next big trend in event tech?

“Camera tracking has really taken off with technology such as auto framing, presenter tracking, along with face and voice tracking. COVID-19 brought with it many challenges to all businesses, with most having to reinvent the wheel. Online communication channels and apps became a lifeline for both worldwide companies right through to sole traders allowing them to keep trading and managing their teams throughout the pandemic. This type of technology has not lost its appeal with lots of companies seeing the benefits financially of operating in this way. There has been significant development in tracking services that not only make it easier for a solitary person to broadcast but a group of people to live stream with movement without the need for a camera man as such, the camera literally does it for you!”

What is your favourite piece of AV equipment, and why?

“I have a big appreciation for interactive screens, the versatility of them is amazing and can literally be used anywhere. They can be adapted for advertising and marketing, video and conferencing, streaming, brainstorming and games wall, to name just a fraction of their capabilities.”

If you didn’t work for Fired Up, what would you do?

“I love being creative, meeting and talking to people. My career has been spent predominantly in sales and customer service and this is where I think you’ll always find me.”

A big thank you to the whole team at Fired Up Technologies for ensuring that our events are the most technologically advanced out there.

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