Meet Firefly AV | Horizon Leeds partner for events and conferences

Meet Firefly AV

Recently, we sat down with Hannah the Hire Coordinator for our brilliant AV supplier FireFly Audio Visual Solutions for a chat. We asked what their favourite AV product is, what they love the most about working in the AV services industry, and what they are doing as a company to ensure that they are working as sustainably as possible.

You have 100 words to describe your role, go…

“My role within Firefly as a Hire Coordinator includes being the first point of contact for our clients, interpreting their event details, and working with our in-house technical team to plan audio, lighting, and stage requirements. I then assist in organising logistics and crew, working closely with our clients every step of the way, always striving to exceed expectations and deliver incredible experiences across the UK.”

Describe how you support Horizon Leeds?

“Firefly AV are incredibly proud of the relationship we have built with Horizon Leeds as their AV supplier for a whole host of varied activities and events, including exams, conferences, and virtual and hybrid events. Our technical team provides Horizon with a range of AV equipment and services, including filming, streaming, Airmeet platform management, and tech installation.”

What is your favourite AV product?

“Our brand new Aryten Karif’s are an amazing piece of kit – they provide venues and spaces with deep, vibrant colours, adding depth and complex special effects. They’re ideal for creating unforgettable lighting displays for larger events.”

What do you love the most about working in the AV services industry?

“The variety … No two days are the same, and we get to work with a whole range of clients from all different sectors. Enquiries range from a couple planning their wedding reception; a hotel hosting a medical conference; a gaming convention holding an e-sports tournament; a film festival showing exclusive screenings; a multi-million-pound business organising their Christmas party and everything in between!

“I love working alongside the team to create exciting experiences.”

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

“Firefly Audio Visual Solutions have been leaders in AV hire, installation, and operation for 18 years – consistently staying ahead with the latest tech, and training staff to the highest degree to provide the best possible service. We stand out as a close-knit team, working together across all elements of pre-planning, delivery, and event execution. We absolutely love our jobs, and it shows – we will go the extra mile for our clients, providing a personalised experience for any size event.”

Why do you think potential clients should choose Horizon Leeds?

“Horizon Leeds is a gem in the heart of Leeds’ events community – purpose built and adaptable, it’s ideal for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. We recommend Horizon Leeds to clients who are looking for flexible event spaces, as they have the freedom to choose from a variety of different size rooms, tech requirements, furniture, streaming, filming, presentation, exam spaces, catering and more.”

What makes working with Horizon Leeds so easy?

Megan, Natalie and the team are a dream to work with – they are always striving to exceed their client’s expectations and provide everything to make an event run as smoothly as possible. They are full of recommendations and always on hand to support.”

Here at Horizon Leeds we are passionate about leaving a sustainable legacy, what are you doing as a company to address sustainability?

“We recognise the effect that the events industry has on the environment and are working hard to reduce our negative impact. This includes hiring electric vans, most recently when we supplied AV to the BBC Share Your Story Tour. Our technicians visited schools all around the UK alongside a whole host of celebs, helping them to showcase their career highlights and share ways of working in the media sector. We also carbon-offset our diesel vans for this tour.

“Other ways we are supporting sustainability is by taking utmost care to reduce our impact on greenfield sites by removing our waste and considering the wider environment, only using recycled printer paper, and by using LED lighting fixtures and rechargeable batteries.”

What is the next big trend in AV services?

“During the height of COVID-19 we saw a huge demand for hybrid and virtual events, and this looks set to continue with the rise in living costs and companies reassessing their yearly budgets.

“Hybrid and virtual events are an affordable and convenient alternative to large scale conferences and meetings and are environmentally a much more sustainable option. In the forecasted climate we expect these to be a big trend across the year and have a whole range of options and equipment ready to supply some fantastic flexible event spaces.”

What is your favourite engagement tool?

“Our favourite and most regularly used engagement tool is our social media, particularly Instagram. We love being able to showcase our incredible products, new additions to our stock, keep audiences updated on what event’s we’ve been working on, and provide a direct link to ask us any questions about our services.

“We are also in the process of launching our fantastic, brand-new website, which includes a whole gallery of our past events, team biographies, our inventory list, and much more.”

Finally, if you didn’t work for Firefly AV, what would you do?

“I’ve been passionate about working in the live events industry for 10 years, with a degree in Stage and Production Management and a variety of experience across festival and event management, I want to remain in the industry and continue to learn new skills, so I’m not going anywhere!”

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