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Spotlight on Inspire@

When you think of training and workshops sessions, what do you imagine? We’re putting a spotlight on Inspire@ to highlight what you and your team should be thinking of! When it comes to workshops, do you picture everyone huddled round a flipchart, or small tables looking at print outs, crammed into a bland room with crazy carpets, fluorescent lighting, and no windows? Possibly a beige-heavy buffet followed by a tiring afternoon? Not at Horizon Leeds! With Inspire@ we deliver a great interactive training facility that will keep your delegates engaged and involved, mixing bright and colourful space, interactive technology and natural daylight with delicious nutritious food and unlimited servings of fresh bean-2-cup coffee, selection of teas or sparkling or still water. And there’s more, here you can find out why booking your next training workshop in Inspire@ is a great idea to elevate your day.

Key features:

  • Interactive 75’’ 10-point collaborative touch screen
  • Integrated speakers
  • The ability to annotate over presentations and webpages, aiding feedback, and discussion.
  • Wireless presenting
  • Fidget toys
  • 50 capacity
  • Cityscape view

A little bit of history

Early in our development, venue planning and design was underway and, whilst mind mapping what we wanted the space to look like, it was very clear a training facility where trainers, facilitators and delegates could work collaboratively and interactively topped the list. A space that was functional yet creative, bright and inspiring – just like the bright orange wall it boasts, it makes a statement. Of course, we had to integrate some top tech in there too.

Keeping up with technology

Just like the rest of the venue, the Inspire@ training room has been developed over time. Integrating technology with a training space means evolving with the times and always assessing and increasing your offering… and boy did we do just that.

Say hello to AVOCOR, our amazing 75” interactive touch display which has built in Windows 10 interface, with 10 points of touch, integrated whiteboarding space, annotation functionality not only on office products but over web browsers too. It adds an amazing dimension to interactive training and one that is super user friendly and simple to use.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg: integrated ceiling speakers, presentation clicker, wireless keyboard, and mouse, all come as standard in your room hire or day delegate package.

The high quality technology in this space has definitely helped us win a few awards along the way: for four consecutive years, Horizon has won Best Onsite Technology/Audio Visual Offering at the prestigious CHS Awards beating some of the industry’s leading venues.

Handy hints and tips for making the most out of the AVOCOR screen:

Using the built in PC rather than plugging in a laptop allows you use all the functionality this screen has to offer. Come armed with your presentation on a USB, plug in and away you go. We have you covered with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and presentation clicker.

Adding blank slides within the presentations, to be used for feedback and evaluation. This minimises the need for boring flip charts and typing up notes when you get back to the office. The best thing with this is: it is easily shareable, and you can save annotations and use apps like SharePoint or Dropbox to upload the notes and share it with the group.

Annotation over web pages using Microsoft Edge – this is great for all aspects of training. Annotating and highlighting over websites, social accounts then copying these screen grabs of these images into a SharePoint folder.

So how can Inspire@ be used?

Workshops and training – our bread and butter
Breakfast sessions – These are fast becoming a firm favourite with our clients, comfortably seating 50 in a theatre layout. Our Inspire@ space is a great place for seminars and educational sessions, complete with a lovely selection from our healthy breakfast range and unlimited teas and coffees to get you raring to go for the day ahead.
Breakout space – Inspire@ is a great space for workshops or parallel sessions running alongside keynote presentations. It’s a great idea to think about interactivity when session planning for this room.
Table top exhibitions – Six table top stands fit perfectly in here, a fab utilisation of space and a great area to showcase products or mix it up and fill the room with poster boards.
Demonstrations – Virtual reality and product demos are two of the things are clients have found to work amazingly well in Inspire@ – using the screen alongside virtual reality means you get to see what’s going on inside the headset.
“The team were really helpful especially as we wanted to use the room for filming a debate. Something slightly out of the norm, but the team handled everything really well and suggested helpful tips to make the day go really well”

Why not see you for yourself and book out Inspire@ for your next training session. Speak to our friendly team on 0113 225 3190 or drop us an email at