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COVID-19 Secure

Our main priority is the safety of those visiting our venue and making sure everyone feels comfortable. We monitor health trends and can promptly put in place policies and procedures to support the health and safety of all our delegates and team.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions around COVID-19. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Currently, we have no formal measures in place.

Sanitising stations remain installed at high touch point areas around the venue, and we have made masks available on entrance for those that choose to wear one. If event organisers would like masks available in their event space, we are more than happy to provide these.

There are currently no formal measures in place that delegates must adhere to, mask wearing, and social distancing is at the discretion of each event organiser.

We can always accommodate our clients’ requirements, whether this be social distancing or other. We just ask when booking your event, please make it clear if you require a set amount of spacing between your delegates so that we can allocate the most appropriate space for your event.

Whilst we understand that organisers may remain COVID-19 cautious, because social distancing is no longer officially mandated we are unable to offer additional space for social distancing free of charge.

Our vigilant staff open windows on arrival to ensure fresh air is circulated at the start of every day. The air conditioning system installed constantly pumps fresh air into the venue, whilst removing stale air. No air is recycled, it’s all fresh!

We are continuing with our enhanced cleaning regime and hand sanitising stations remain in place around the venue. We ask that everyone does their part and makes use of sanitising facilities and ensures hands are washed regularly.

As part of your package, you can still arrange personal hand sanitiser bottles to be available for every delegate, simply speak to a member of the team who will be able to advise you with this.

Whilst we remain positive restrictions and measures will not be brought back, we are very well equipped to deal with increased COVID-19 measures should the UK Government implement these. All our event spaces are fully hybrid enabled, we have a bespoke broadcasting studio ready to produce top quality streamed events with procedures and policies covering all aspects ready go should they be needed.

Rest assured, pro active, dynamic and experienced, the team here at Horizon are always prepared to ensure the best outcome for you!

As there are no current UK Government mandated policies on this, we will not be asking clients for any form of negative test or proof of vaccine to enter the venue. It will be at the client’s discretion if they wish to ask their delegates to self-test and display a negative result before joining us on site.

We will, however, continue to actively encourage self-testing for those that are displaying any symptoms.

We fully support the vaccine programme and recommend that all staff and visitors ensure they receive all doses of the coronavirus vaccine when available.

In line with UK Government advice, we are encouraging anyone with symptoms to self-test before attending Horizon Leeds, to ensure they do not have COVID-19.

If you have a positive test, please do not visit the venue, protecting our staff, clients and delegates from contracting COVID-19 is of the upmost importance to us.

Useful information and links

For general COVID-19 health guidance, please visit current COVID-19 UK Government information.

Please note this information is likely to be updated, so why not bookmark this link? Or do check back with us.