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Our economic sustainability begins with a business model designed to build the reputation of our venue, facilities and expertise to support our financial success, whilst achieving our key objective of providing quality conferencing facilities to healthcare clients at a reduced rate.

We achieve this through working with organisations who support the NHS, whether that be venue finding businesses, organisations’ internal event teams or training companies who facilitate NHS training. We also promote Horizon Leeds internally, via NHS Confederation, with the help of their Membership team.

This is all well and good; however, we know that to work towards greater economic sustainability we need to ensure that our suppliers also have the same values and are acting to reduce their impact on the planet. This is why one of our pledges in 2023 is around green procurement and the creation of green criteria for current and new suppliers.

2023 Sustainability Economic Pledges
  • Promoting reduced rates for NHS organisations
  • A green procurement strategy

Serious about sustainability? So are we.

Green Meetings Accreditation

The new standard for sustainable meetings and events

Green meetings accreditation pending | Horizon Leeds | CSR
What do we mean by sustainability?
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