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Sustainability and Horizon Leeds

When we say that we are passionate about sustainability and the legacy we create, we mean it.

Fed up with the lack of digital-led venues in Leeds, NHS Confederation realised that the only way to achieve what they needed, was to pay through the nose to bring all the tech into hotel rooms, or do it themselves. So, when the third floor of Brewery Wharf, Leeds, became available, the chance to create something which could support NHS Confederation members, and the wider healthcare industry, became a reality. With many ideas on the drawing board, sustainability was already at the heart of the development process for the venue.

NHS Confederation is the membership organisation that brings together, supports, and speaks for the whole healthcare system in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Opening our event venue and facilities to all businesses, whilst ensuring rates remained low for healthcare providers, is a win win. Businesses can hold events at Horizon Leeds knowing it contributes to their own sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals. Plus, every pound they spend contributes to supporting the NHS Confederation.

A Greener Future is on the Horizon

Yearly pledges for lower impact and long-term gains 

Since our doors opened in 2014 our approach has not changed and, as a venue, it is important we address all areas of sustainability. To ensure, therefore, we retain an holistic approach, as part of our business objectives we create yearly pledges that fall into the following categories:

Social Sustainability Pledges
  • Provide free venue space to a charity once a quarter
  • Whenever possible, unwanted event catering will be donated to St Georges Crypt in support of those in need
  • Create an annual calendar of school, college and university talks to support and encourage new talent

How we support our local community in a positive and meaningful way. Discover more about Horizon Leeds Social Sustainability Pledges.

Environmental Sustainability Pledges
  • Supporting our clients’ sustainability goals
  • Green Meetings accreditation
  • Sustainable stationery policy
  • Guaranteed product repurposing options
  • Sustainable cleaning strategy

How we reduce the impact of the activity on the planet. Discover more about Horizon Leeds Environmental Pledges.

Economic Sustainability Pledges
  • Promoting reduced rates for NHS organisations
  • A green procurement strategy

How we embed green economics into our operations. Whether that be via suppliers or through access to services for the public sector and charities. Discover more about Horizon Leeds Economic Pledges. 

Our commitment to improving our sustainability also means we can support your CSR goals. We’d love to talk to you about your sustainability ambitions and how our values can support yours.

Serious about sustainability? So are we.

Green Meetings Accreditation

The new standard for sustainable meetings and events

Green meetings accreditation pending | Horizon Leeds | CSR

For over 25 years Green Tourism has assessed and accredited sustainable business practice. Now, they’ve created a new standard, specific to meeting and event venues.

Consolidating our commitment and credentials around reducing our impact on the planet, we’re working towards our Green Meetings accreditation.

Discover more on the Green Tourism website.

A Virtual No-brainer

A wealth of ways to reduce event carbon footprintAs the dust begins to settle after the upheaval and social distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d be forgiven for thinking that virtual events no longer feature in business and training calendars. At Horizon Leeds, we beg to differ!

Sustainable Event Catering

Sustainability is back where it should be; at the top of the agenda, we thought there was no better time to sit down with our caterers, Catering Yorkshire, to find out how they are leading the way in providing sustainable event catering.

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