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Key links with healthcare and support for our community.

A fantastic, versatile space, run by a group of passionate event professionals is something we are keen to talk about. Working on educational projects to support the next generation of event professionals is also very close to our hearts. Members of our team are often are found in schools and colleges, exploring communication and event hosting skills with pupils and students. We also combine this mission with providing a spacious and inspirational venue for organisations without the funds available for much needed timeout of their usual work environment.

We all know how important it is to have space to meet as a team; take part in training; have the time to create future strategies, or put on events to ensure key messaging are being relayed to stakeholders. We can support all these goals and more.

We know that events bring people together, both face-to-face and online, to create truly inclusive moments of connection, shared learning and enjoyment.

We’re here to help make that happen.

2023 Sustainability Social Pledges
  • Provide free venue space to a charity once a quarter
  • Whenever possible, unwanted event catering will be donated to St Georges Crypt in support of those in need
  • Create an annual calendar of school, college and university talks to support and encourage new talent

Serious about sustainability? So are we.

Green Meetings Accreditation

The new standard for sustainable meetings and events

Green Meetings accreditation pending | Horizon Leeds | CSR
What do we mean by sustainability?
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A Virtual No-brainer

A wealth of ways to reduce event carbon footprintAs the dust begins to settle after the upheaval and social distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d be forgiven for thinking that virtual events no longer feature in business and training calendars. At Horizon Leeds, we beg to differ!

Sustainable Event Catering

Sustainability is back where it should be; at the top of the agenda, we thought there was no better time to sit down with our caterers, Catering Yorkshire, to find out how they are leading the way in providing sustainable event catering.

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