Health & Safety (H&S)

We want to ensure the safety of all our clients and delegates that visit us here at Horizon Leeds. Our aim is that every event is as risk free as possible. Working closely with you we will always go the extra mile to produce a show stopping event, whilst maximizing the health and safety of you and your delegates, team or audience.

Our promise to you:

To keep our venue as safe as possible for everyone who steps through our doors, we promise to prioritise H&S, keeping documentation accurate and incorporating a rigorous testing schedule across all operational areas by completing:

  • All necessary risk and safety documentation including annual updates
  • Weekly fire alarm test
  • Bi-annual fire evacuation drill
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Electrical testing
  • PAT tested equipment
  • Lift safety
  • Water testing

What do we require from you as an organiser?

To keep things nice and simple we have created a handy tick list so you can ensure all your health and safety requirements are met when you have an event at Horizon Leeds. We have also built a risk assessment template so you can easily identify and minimise any risk that may be associated with your event.

Does your event include an exhibition? If so, please download our Exhibitor Health & Safety Form before the day of the event.

If you have any questions on what constitutes as a risk and what elements need to be assessed, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

What you need from us?

If you are keeping a H&S file for your event and need the paperwork for your records, you can download a wealth of  information from the links below.

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