Meet@ is the heart of Horizon Leeds. Bursting with natural light, vibrant colours, great tech, and, of course, delicious refreshments. Where else would you want to meet?

Our aim was always to banish the days when we would go into a meeting room and be stuck there all day. It’s so important that there is a space for people to step away, grab refreshment, catch up with colleagues and, most importantly, recharge. This was our focus when designing our refreshment hub, Meet@. From the fresh colour pallet and LED lighting to the large windows framing our wonderful Leeds city skyline, this space to meet, chat and refuel, has been created to relax and revitalise.

High quality, fresh and bottomless!

Of course, for any refreshment hub, the most basic requirement is the quality and availability of refreshments. We teamed up with Ringtons when we first opened our doors and have never looked back – there is a reason this iconic brand has been going strong since 1907. 

Our visitors repeatedly rave about our coffee beans… Be it caffeinated, or decaffeinated, the taste is fresh and fantastic, and our five machines are there to deliver the perfect cup. A simple black or punchy flat white, you are guaranteed the same quality every time. Together with Ringtons we also provide an appealing array of refreshing teas and tasty biscuits, plus, plant-based milk alternatives. We are also happy to try and fulfil  any specific requirements, just let us know. Of course, there is also plentiful sparking and still filtered water on tap and we encourage delegates to top up whenever they wish. All this can be enjoyed whilst relaxing on our comfortable sofas, or chatting at one of our high benches. Discover more about Ringtons.

With a great atmosphere and refreshments sorted, next we add the technology. Ensuring you can maximise every opportunity to show event content, whether that be branding, product information or internal messaging, Meet@ offers plenty of creative scope and space. With interactive screens outside each room to highlight itineraries; three large plasma screens and a touch screen coffee table for twitter walls, detailed documents or imagery, we will collaborate with you to ensure you make the most of our technology.

Finally, when we meet up away from our offices, secure and practical storage is essential, especially for delegates who have travelled a long way. Wardrobes for suitcases, rails for coats and charging lockers for phones and tablets are all important and available in Meet@.

Suggestions for Meet@ exclusive use:

  • Tabletop exhibition: five tabletop stands fit comfortably into the space, plus, all the screens can be used as digital stands. A great way to highlight products during refreshment breaks. We can also accommodate six poster boards.
  • Networking space: with a capacity for 200 standing, it’s a great networking venue, with tasty breakfast or post work glass of wine. Many of our clients hire Meet@ exclusively after their conference for this purpose.
  • Additional breakout space: good for informal breakouts, for two to six delegates using one of the tables to workshop ideas.
  • Product demonstrations: with moveable furniture the space instantly offers creative options for product demos and the clean walls create a blanc canvas to set off bespoke branding.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 0113 2253190 or drop an email to to chat through your requirements and how we can help. 

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