Flexible spaces, endless possibilities: Exclusive use at Horizon Leeds

In a bustling world where privacy and tailored experiences are increasingly valued, the idea of exclusive venue hire is gaining traction. In the blog, we will delve into how you can use Horizon Leeds for exclusive use, the benefits it provides, and share examples of the types of exclusive use events we have hosted previously.

Exclusive use is a growing trend here at Horizon Leeds and in this blog, we will delve into the benefits, how you can use Horizon Leeds for exclusive use, and share examples of the types of exclusive use events we have hosted previously.

There are many benefits to choosing a venue like Horizon Leeds which can offer clients a fully accessible, exclusive-use venue. Reasons for exclusive use vary, the top five we hear are:

  • Safeguarding: Providing a safe and secure environment where stakeholders feel comfortable to share their experiences and give honest feedback about services they are accessing.
  • Privacy: Ensuring confidential company communications can be discussed freely and delegates are not confined to one room – free to network. This also applies to future product creation.
  • Restrictions on noise: Providing a space suitable for exam conditions.
  • Space: Having the freedom for exhibition stands, private networking, medical equipment displays or even a pool table in the refreshment area.
  • An office away from the office: Giving staff who work from home the office feeling but in a more relaxed setting.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Horizon Leeds is situated in a secure building and on one floor, so you’ll have the whole space to yourself.  We provide the perfect mix of spaces starting with secure venue access and a welcoming registration area, ensuring delegates always feel comfortable.

Key features include:

  • 700 sqms located on one floor (including toilets) that can be locked down to ensure privacy
  • Our largest space measures 27m x 8m and has no obstructions, making it perfect for full-set installations
  • A reception area available for event registration as well as smaller meeting rooms that can be used as event offices, a prayer room, well-being hubs or changing rooms
  • Full access to an unlimited refreshment area with the freedom to choose stock
  • A designated secure hardwired network
  • Screens are located throughout the venue for your use
  • 24-hour access available
  • Weeklong hire contracts available

How to use our rooms and spaces?

Our refreshment area Meet@ can accommodate up to 6 tabletop exhibition stands with power. Plus, exclusive use clients have free reign of the three 42-inch screens, and all the rooms have ‘welcome’ tablets. We love it when clients embrace the space and take over with staff shout-out walls, polling charts, vox pop areas, and product demonstrations to name just a few. Knowing the refreshment area isn’t shared gives you the freedom to shout about your company and the amazing staff you employ.

With a capacity of 150 cabaret and 200 theatre, Create@ is the perfect space for plenary sessions. But don’t stop there, use the space during the day for additional breakouts, and use the dividing wall in the room to split the space (creating Create@1 and Create@2), providing more opportunities for workshops to run simultaneously.

Need more space? Then Inspire@ (cabaret 35) and Think@ (theatre 50) are great spaces for breakouts with an abundance of natural daylight and great tech.

This then leaves Engage@. It may be small, but it most definitely packs a punch when it comes to its versatility. Whether that be an event office, well-being hub, or just that space for those quick calls.

So that gives you an idea of how the space could be used for an away day or client connect event but here at Horizon Leeds from its conception the space was designed for clients to use as they wish, with no fixed-down furniture and restrictions. Which has definitely been achieved…

It’s not just a meeting space

Create@ benefits from having no restricted viewing. Measuring 27m x 8m, with no obstructions, it is the perfect space for full-set installations.

No pillars mean full set designs can easily be installed which is great for product launches. Whether that be a mock bedroom, hairdresser, chemist, bathroom, or even operating theatre. Most of these events are to showcase new products to potential clients and therefore confidentiality is extremely important. Having the ability to be able to lock the door and provide restricted access is a given, something other venues may struggle to provide.

We offer a package where the client can exclusively hire the space for numerous days. This gives them the flexibility to invite different clients to view the products and take part in focus groups throughout the hire period.

Exams became our bread and butter

A project that started during 2020/2021 and has now seen us welcome over 600 students through our doors to sit their exams. Whether this be accounting or medical, a quiet, private space and several holding rooms is essential, making Horizon Leeds to perfect venue to host. We provide hard-wire computers and technical support ensuring clients peace of mind.

  • Accommodates for up to 100 desktop computers
  • Additional rooms for candidates who require extra support
  • An open space that can be used as a holding area to maintain exam conditions
  • Installation and management of high-spec computers
  • Software downloads including Speedwell and Practique
  • A designated secure hardwired network
  • Exclusive use to ensure sound is kept to a minimum
  • Weeklong hire available

The chance to be creative

With many of our clients now working hybrid, company away days have made a big comeback. A chance for employees to meet face to face, work on strategic plans, be creative, and have some fun. Several of our clients take full advantage of this with our exclusive use packages.

Clients have used Meet@ for tabletop exhibition stands promoting different departments, using the screens to promote staff awards, having a table tennis tournament at lunch, running a wide variety of workshops throughout the day, by creating hubs through the venue and then finishing the event with street food stalls and themed cocktails. This breadth of activities is made possible by the adaptable nature of Horizon Leeds’ exclusive use offering.

Are you planning your next event and looking for an exclusive hire, whether that’s for a discreet product launch, confidential corporate functions, or private events? We can tailor Horizon Leeds to your specific requirements. Horizon Leeds is the perfect venue – get in touch and let’s talk about what you’re looking for. You can call us on (0113 2253190) or drop us an email via sales@horizonleeds.co.uk.