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Sustaining Great Relationships – Ringtons

A great brew, whether that’s black tea, fruit tea or coffee, is a wonderful accompaniment to an event. It’s important for us to offer a rich, quality taste, but not at the expense of the planet. Ringtons help us do just that.

Our approach to improved sustainability here at Horizon Leeds is under continual scrutiny and we want to partner with suppliers who feel the same way. So, with the great feedback we receive from delegates about our hot drinks and supplier Ringtons’ active dedication to sustainability, it’s a match made in heaven.

Committed to sourcing its coffee in an ethical and sustainable way, Ringtons’ supply chain is traceable back to the cooperative or washing station in the product’s country of origin. They publish a transparent pricing structure that shows the real cost of production, including the price paid to the cooperatives, washing stations and farmers. As direct importers, Ringtons also have more involvement in production, from quality to transportation, again, supporting their transparent approach.

Members of World Coffee Research (WCR) Check Off programme, Ringtons donate an extra 1p on each kilogram of the coffee they buy to the WCR. This funds the WCR’s focus on agricultural research and development around the risks to coffee from climate change: how to counteract these to support farmers, alongside improved and sustainable farming methods.

Ringtons in-house expertise also plays an important role in delivering the finished product to our cups. Their current green buyer has over ten years’ experience in the coffee industry, is a certified Q Grader and holds the SCA Green Professional certification.

Around 35% of Ringtons’ total green coffee purchasing is Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade system guarantees a base line price for producers. In addition to this they also pay a social premium on all their Fairtrade purchases towards social, healthcare, environmental or educational programmes within each cooperative.

Further to this, around 15% of Ringtons’ green coffee purchasing is Triple Certified, meaning it is Fairtrade, Organic and UTZ certified. Certified organic means no pesticides or chemicals are used in production and good agricultural practises are followed on farms. UTZ certification means a demonstrable commitment to protecting biodiversity of growing areas by helping to protect rainforests, rivers, and other natural resources. Buying Triple Certified coffee means sourcing from producers who are passionate about protecting their land and ensuring they can continue to do so.

When our delegates and team are having a well-earned break during a training day, workshop, virtual broadcast, or planning session, it’s good to know that the brew they’re enjoying is making a difference for a more sustainable world, as well as keeping them going till lunchtime.

Ringtons’ further company memberships and accreditations include:

  • Speciality Coffee Association
  • British Coffee Association – member of sustainability committee
  • BRC AA certified
  • Accredited by the Soil Association

Visit Ringtons website.