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We are on a mission to ensure that our venue and all the events held here, are as environmentally conscious as possible.

It’s fair to say that for many years the events industry has been known for its hefty carbon footprint. Travel, hospitality, catering, giveaways and promotional materials all playing their part in the large consumption of resources and energy. Currently, however, there is an exciting and necessary movement for change within our industry and Horizon Leeds is determined to play an active and leading role.

We have have already laid the foundations for reducing our consumption, such as replacing all lighting to low energy LED’s; creating a permanent home for our Broadcast Studio, allowing for attendance at meetings without travel, and working with green suppliers like Catering Yorkshire on our green catering strategy.

For 2023 we need to go further faster and look towards a greener future for Horizon Leeds. We want to improve all aspects of our venue and event process to ensure we operate as sustainably as possible across all areas of the business. In doing so, we also want to confidently promote this way of thinking to our clients and encourage them to embrace a greener approach to events in their own organisations.

2023 Sustainability Environmental Pledges
  • Supporting our clients’ sustainability goals
  • Green Meetings accreditation
  • Sustainable stationery policy
  • Guaranteed product repurposing options
  • Sustainable cleaning strategy

Serious about sustainability? So are we.

Green Meetings Accreditation

The new standard for sustainable meetings and events

Green Meetings accreditation pending | Horizon Leeds | CSR
What do we mean by sustainability?
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LED there be light!

With sustainability high on Horizon’s agenda, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the planet, and one thing we have been keen to change for a while has been the lighting across the venue.

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